A Vespa named Desire

After walking around the Maker Faire in San Mateo with dad and Stephanie (photos here), we drove down to Los Gatos to see a never-used 2007 Black LX150 that someone had won but didn’t want to keep.

It was brand new, unridden except for from the dealership home, and about a thousand dollars less that I would have paid the dealer. Didn’t come with a helmet or cover, but I already had a slightly tight large from Stephanie’s scooter purchase to get me home. Money and title were exchanged, and so began our odyssey back to the city, taking El Camino Real the whole way!

Map showing the route from Los Gatos to San Francisco on El Camino Real

We stopped in Redwood City to see about getting a new helmet, but the ones they had were all too small (translation: I have a big head). Down the road a bit we stopped at a nice restaurant called CreoLa and filled up for the journey ahead. I had fried soft shell crab with crawfish etouffee, Stephanie had blackened drumm, and dad had red beans and rice. It couldn’t have been better—except in New Orleans.

I bundled up some more and continued the rest of the journey home. All 55 miles of it. We didn’t make it back until after 9pm.

And parking? It’s a dream.

Vespa LX150 at night
Here she is as seen from our bedroom window. Swoon.


Wow. So nice!…Thou shalt not covet thy co-workers’ scooters…Thou shalt not covet thy co-workers’ scooters…

I would suggest you stay far away from the SF Vespa dealership. Unless of course you want to buy one. Only took me 5 weeks from first test ride to purchase (4 for Stephanie).

Marcia, Kyle, and I were debating whether you would get a red one, a black one, or an orange one. I said black. I win! (I also said red was a possibility.)

Congrats! It’s a beaut!

I also like the new green color.

So jealous you live somewhere this is an adequate means of transport. :-)

The real problem is that I enjoy riding it so much, and it gets me around so quickly (and on my schedule) that I’ll be hard pressed to move to a place where this isn’t an adequate means of transport.


woah man, when I started reading this, I thought you had bought yourself a Lexus. I was a little puzzeled there for a moment..

Though the Lexus of scooters it is.


I came across your post by accident…

I too just purchased a never used 2009 black LX (still awaiting arrival) and for the same reason – someone did not want the prize and I bought it from dealer $1300+ cheaper as well, full warranty and 1.2 miles, cool!
The thing is… although the original seat color on the black LX, is a camel/beige, the dealer can replace the seat at no extra cost for a black seat.
As I never seen one, I was googling images… when I came across yours, and my question is:
is the black seat in leather or suede and does the black on seat differ from LX body?

Ric, I believe there a few different seat materials. I park mine outside in the city, so I’m very happy to report that it’s made out of some kind of textured, non-absorptive vinyl.


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