Meyer lemonade

Last Christmas I got a gift certificate from FM, part of which I used to buy a hand-press juicer. I started off making orange juice on-demand, then a while back I decided to try my hand at lemonade.

The base recipe is decidedly simple, dissolve 1 cup sugar in 1 cup water, add 1 cup of juice, and then add 4 additional cups of water. My first batch followed that recipe plus the juice of 1 blood orange. One word: awesome.

Since then I’ve made several different batches, usually starting with a lemonade base and then adding some additional citrus, if available. Several weeks ago I made a lemonade with the juice of one ruby red grapefruit that was indescribably fruity. Highly recommended.

For your viewing pleasure, I photographed the making of a Meyer lemonade I made last weekend. A Meyer lemon I learned recently is actually a lemon-orange hybrid, and they’ve been showing up at Trader Joe’s recently in packs of two or three. So of course I decided to pick some up.

Meyer lemonade
The setup (with real lemons standing by—that I ended up not using)
Meyer lemonade
Inside a Meyer lemon
Meyer lemonade
1 cup of sugar gets mixed with 1 cup of water in a small pot on the stove on low
Meyer lemonade
I got nearly 1 cup of juice out of the 5 Meyer lemons, so I decided to supplement the base with 2 tangerines
Meyer lemonade
Straining the juice
Meyer lemonade
Adding the sugar water mixture, followed by 4 cups of water
Meyer lemonade
And enjoy


Great photos … which inspire me to make some lemonade. Joann and I got a similar hand juicer a few months ago and have enjoyed fresh OJ and grapefruit juice semi-regularly since, but have yet to try lemonade! Now if only I could find a Trader Joe’s nearby…

I hear there’s one in Cary and one planed for Chapel Hill…


Try it with just tangerines – yummmmmmm!
Love the hand-press juicer, it’s great… with all the technology that we have before us today, the simplist things still work great! ;)

These are the lemons I use. Robin (a Word Pirate) and Joy/Kyle have access to trees. The ones from TJs are never as juicy as the ones from a tree. My recipe is 24oz of Meyer Lemon juice, 1c sugar, and the rest warm water (for dissolving) in a normal-sized pitcher. Chill. Enjoy. Enjoy more by mixing with iced tea. :)

Mmm, I had three Meyers languishing in my fridge and a Google. search brought me to this post. I just made a limeade, using your base with 3 meyers and 2 limes. It is outstanding! Thank you!

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