I went to France and all I got were these lousy groceries*

When Stephanie and I unpacked, these are the treasures we unearthed from our suitcases.

Groceries imported from France

From left to right that’s chocolate, easy bechamel, more chocolate, herbes de provence, dijon mayonnaise, fleur de sel, several bottles of wine and liqueur, and one bottle of olive oil.

Not shown here are the many boxes of tea Stephanie’s mom is shipping us separately.

*The post title is ironic.


Teehee. On our last trip, we brought home chocolate, tea, and mustard too!


oohhh…i know those chocolates on the left…receives some today :) mmm mmm, thank you

Wow, they arrived already!? Amazing. I just sent them on Saturday. I hope you enjoy them, they’re like little Nutella-filled eggs, and apparently they only come out during Easter.


Matthew got his too. Thanks!

You’re welcome! Unfortunately I didn’t stumble upon any lamoges, antique buttons, or samplers. But we kept our eyes open. Next trip. That’s what we keep saying. “We’ll do that next trip.”


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