How to manage a self-hosted WordPress blog from Windows

…or how I manage my self-hosted WordPress blog.

Get webspace

Install WordPress in your webspace

Install the Firefox web browser on your computer (if you don’t have it already)

Install the EditPlus text editor on your computer

I like it so much I actually use EditPlus on Ubuntu under Wine


Install the WinSCP file transfer client on your computer

Login to your webspace with WinSCP

Feel free to if you found this useful.


The latest release of Firebug is almost as invaluable as the Web Developer toolbar. To visually see how your CSS rules are being inherited is priceless – also allows for realtime CSS / HTML editing.

The IE web developer toolbar is also nice to have when IE’s eccentric render engine decides to get creative with your site layout.

Useful stuff. Thanks for sharing… Keep writing more.


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