Hail attacks San Francisco!

It started with a flash. Was that lightning, or any one of a hundred things that could be flashing on Pine Street below us?

Stephanie’s ear piqued: thunder! A little later, thunder again. Then it started pouring, then we realized it was hail (!) and ran downstairs.

San Francisco hail
San Francisco hail
San Francisco hail


Only minutes after the storm – that’s some efficient publishing. I knew you would be on it quick.

I admit it, I felt the wild call of the blogger gods (as “content” fell from the sky, quite literally, and into my lap).

But dammit, I wasn’t the first person with a hail photo on flickr! I should have just uploaded there first and blogged second, as if its even possible to get an edge on those mobloggers.



It was “pea-sized” out at Ocean Beach. Started once with mostly rain, then a second time about ten minutes later with mostly hail (less rain), and the hail was a bit larger and in much larger quantity.


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