The sunset

Woke up early Saturday in preparation for the long-awaited replacement of our bay windows. Switching out the original, single-paned, decades-old glass with insulated double-paned windows. Last night I slept without earplugs—the cars sound far away, but now the refrigerator sounds closer. Is there any such thing as a quiet fridge? Can a noisy one be fixed?

Seeing as though I was up early, I got my haircut, got a retirement distribution form notarized that I’ve been meaning to do for well over a year. Showered, shaved, and then Stephanie and I took the BART over to Berkeley (for the first time, under the bay!) for lunch and a hike with Casey. This is one of the fun parts about living in the city. Walk about 15 minutes through interesting city streets to the BART stop. Hop on a train (which just happens to have pulled in to the station as we got there) emerge on the other side of the bay a few minutes later. Of course it helped that Casey had a car and could pick us up and take us to lunch, but still, it felt pretty radical traversing that distance without a car (for $3.10).

Casey took us out to an organic/sustainable Mexican restaurant called Picante. I had manchamanteles, cause it was the longest word on the menu, and because it was described as “tablecloth strainer” chicken (wt?), but mostly because it came in mole sauce. Food was extra tasty. A woman was making homemade corn tortillas. The food got to our table before we’d even sat down! I left very full.

Hiked for a few hours through Tilden Park. Caught up on Casey’s law school life (and post-school plans), filled her in on our city experience (the last time we’d all hung out was back in August, pre-SF). Took pictures.

View from Inspiration Point at Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA
The view from Inspiration Point
Cloud at dusk at Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA
Textured clouds as the sun begins to set

On the way back from Tilden, we caught the most amazing sunset. Casey pulled over and I took 60 photos.

Sun sets behind the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge
The sun about to set behind the Golden Gate Bridge
Sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge
Just after the sun sets
bottom of the clouds overhead catching the sunset
The bottom of the clouds overhead catching the sunset
Sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge
The sunset in all its glory

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[…] What else did we do this weekend? Saturday we went to Berkeley to meet with Casey while our new windows were being installed…Check out Justin’s blog to read all about it. ( we saw probably the most intense Sunset ever over the golden Gate Bridge!). And today, I took advantage of the new windows’ noise reduction effect to sleep until noon. Mmmm, how I love them! […]


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