The longest and the hottest

Santa Rosa weather

You already know what I think about this. Northern California is crazy for not having A/C everywhere.

The only difference from the other places I’ve lived is that the low tonight is going to be 58°F, compared with 71 in Austin and 69 in Chapel Hill.



oh my god. thinking about living without air conditioning (esp. here in austin)….shudder. although after seeing al gore’s movie, i think you may be saving the planet.

it’s always so nice here in socal we started a blog about it:

jackie: i try.

photo_re: ha!

I like that sometime last week it rained. Fast forward a week and it’s 104 in Petaluma (my home, about 15 miles south of Justin).

Even when I lived in Phoenix, the cool nights were always what made the days bearable. Hooray for living in the West.


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