Giant moth

Check out this giant moth I discovered next to my neighbor’s doorbell yesterday. It was just sitting there, hanging out. Didn’t even flinch when I went back into my apartment to grab my camera.

Super giant moth

That has got to be the biggest moth I’ve ever seen. Anyone got a clue what type it is?


Just a guess (to be fair, I wikipediaed it) but it looks like a Forage Looper Moth (Caenurgina erechtea). If it’s not that I could ask someone at work?


I think it is:
Smerinthus cerisyi Kirby, 1837

Damn Corey, you’re amazing. The fourth photo down looks like a spot-on match. The only strange thing about this moth was the absence of any antennae.

You’ll note, though, that the first picture has no antennae, either. I wonder if they put them away when resting?

I was also thinking that maybe they grow them later…?

This post led Stephanie and I into an investigation of the differences between moths and butterflies. Though there are some differences (moths tend to be nocturnal, moths tend to rest with their wings flat) we learned that the distinctions are not taxonomic.


I worked in a factory with clothing shipped from Mexico. On one summer day, I had to go into the back of the truck to unload the clothing, and I cam across the largest moth I’d ever seen. It was a Cecropia, i’m pretty sure, and it measured 6 to 7 inches. I literally freaked. I hate moths.


Ive found a moth as big as this… But looks kinda different. Was wondering how to put a picture up of it so i can show you??


me my brother and mom have all seen that type of moth it was gross!


My 9 year old son found a Poplar/Modest Sphinx Moth and we have found the following sites to be very helpful. I believe your moth belongs to the Sphinx family! I also believe the first site is your moth!!! Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

Yup, that’s it! Thanks for commenting on the flickr photo!

jamie hazelby

Iam 9 years old.’just playing in the garden with my brother when i spotted a giant moth.Itturns out it was 2 of them stuck together end 2 end.Very strange!I am going to send a picture to you when i can.

We had one of these beauties on our screen all day yesterday. At first glance, he looks like a big decaying leaf stuck on the door, until you look closer and see its all a velvet illusion. What is the official name for him? I just called him “Mothman”! Incredible!


hi a few days ago we was in the garden just mowing the lawn…and we saw this gigantic moth on the side of the house it was like the one in the picture only a bit bigger does anyone know what it is called ??

I dunno about “Laothoe populi”, considering that it’s

hindwings [are] held further forward than (but still half hidden by) the forewings (the species lacks a frenulum joining the wings together).


We have the exact same kind of moth on our screen today…does anyone know what kind of moth it is? My 5 year old thinks its the coolest. LOL!

Laura Bell

i saw a moth like that at year 8 camp it was in my tent i jumped out of my skin when i saw it it was on my pillow!!!! mr white my science teacher came to look at it and was just like arnt you slightly freaked out lol!!!


This is the exact moth that I saw perched on the half brick wall next to the back door. I too thought it was just a leaf until I examined it. It is fantastic. Mine seemed to have more variation in color than the photo shown. The colors are darker…..
I also took photos to show my granddaughters who just love nature…. just like their mother.
Truly …. truly awesome!
Thank You Carmen for the links.

David Beach

l found 2 on my gate 2/ 6/12 and like yours they were joined.They were different in colour being 2 shades of green,beige and white.


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