A wedding in the French style

Went to Stephanie’s dad’s wedding in Kenwood on Saturday. Or I should say, I drove up in a Jag, as I had the esteemed privilege of chauffeuring Jean-Claude and Sabine to their reception. So of course I had to look good.

Stephanie and Justin at Stephanie's dad's wedding in Kenwood, CA

Made sure to get at least one shot of me in the suit for mom. Not bad, eh? After that, the jacket came off, as it was a beautiful and warm wine country afternoon.

Other than lots and lots of sparkling wine from Mumm, I got to eat a caramel-coated choux off a traditional French, just made that morning, saw it constructed with my own eyes, pièce montée.

traditional French wedding cake, the pièce montée

Then on Sunday I went down to the city with Stephanie and her sister for some sightseeing, including a ride on the cable car—standing up at the front!

Looking toward Powell and Bush, taken from cable car



Such a handsome couple.

I love the juxtaposition of this wholesome image of you and Stephanie on the left against the image of you in drag on the night you met which opened on the right.

Heh. Therein lies the beauty of the random image plugin for WordPress. I call it “visual serendipity.”


I’m very partial to polka dots too.


Dude we must’ve been on the same cable car I tell you. It really was a wonderful day in the city.

I’ve pinched that fantastic picture of a piéce montée to put in our wedding blog. I hope you don’t mind.

Nice blog,


David, no mind at all, glad you could find some illustrative use for it. Best of luck!

Would you mind very much if I used your picture, and linked to this blog, from my entries for croquembouche and pièce montée on http://www.whatamieating.com?

I should really appreciate being able to use this great picture. You would be properly acknowledged udner the image!

Suzy, yes please feel free, as long as you save a copy of the image to your webserver and link back to this post in some manner described under my Attribution Policy.


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