Katie at Point Reyes

Sunday was also beautiful, so after a jaunt around downtown Santa Rosa and some purchases at the Barnes and Noble, we headed off to Point Reyes. We stopped at the Marin French Cheese Company on the way for a quick snack and some beautiful views of the countryside.

View from the Marin French Cheese Company

Picked up some sandwiches in Inverness Park, and drove as far as into Point Reyes as Drake’s Beach where we camped out on some rocks and devoured our lunch. Though it was a sunny day, the wind was pretty strong (which explains why we’re all bundled up).

Katie and Justin on Drake's Beach, Point Reyes

This was our beautiful view of Chimney Rock in the distance while we ate.

View of Chimney Rock from Drake's Beach, Point Reyes

And here’s another lovely view in the other direction.

Looking east from Drake's Beach

Afterwards we took the bus to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, tromped down the 300 some odd stairs, and climbed back up. I have to say, I just can’t get enough of this view of the Point Reyes shore from the high ridge on the way to the lighthouse.

Point Reyes shore

We caught the bus over to Chimney Rock to see the elephant seals from a distance. Then began our long drive home, but not before stopping in Petaluma to pick up some fixin’s for Leona’s casserole party.

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The picture of you two looks great, happy in the sun, and I miss you.

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