I went to a casserole party tonight.

Yes, I know, I thought they didn’t exist either, but Leona was deadset upon bringing them back. This first round involved a lot of cheese. Next round I suggested be a whitetrash casserole party, where one of the primary ingredients of every dish has to be some sort of processed junk food. We may want to pick up this cookbook for reference.


Leona, Danya, Marcia, Julie and Joy were deadset on bringing them back. Looking back on the evening, I think you’ll agree that we were right.


Dude, why ya gotta be looking down on the casserole party? It was delightful!


you might want to think about the class stereotypes you perpetutate by having a ‘white trash’ party…
otherwise, from the bits I’ve seen, great site. like yr antiexodus campaign and much else i’ve seen, but the white trash thing rankled abit…


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