How did Israel become so EVIL? Israel using sonic booms of jets as “nonlethal weapon” in Gaza

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Oh, hell, Justin. I saw this story and meant to blog it, but, good god, I’m happy it slipped my mind. Isn’t that such awful news?
Two weeks (?) ago we had a couple of fighter jets fly over UNC, very low, just over our building, apparently doing something in prep for a show at the fair, and the noise was so loud and odd and unnerving that it brought everyone out into the hall. It made me feel jittery, and all I could think was why? I didn’t grow up in a war zone! That noise shouldn’t have such a profound effect on me, should it? I couldn’t imagine living w/ that everyday, knowing that it’s not just going to pass over but drop bombs on you. Terrible. And sonic booms, I cannot even fathom it.


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