Effin’ Hives!

A little more than a week ago I went skating with Kyle, and though I wear all manner of protective gear (helmet, knee pads, wrist guards), I still managed to grind about 6-8 square inches of skin off my right leg, right below the knee pad and right above my skate.

See I was about to drop into the big bowl, and this dude on one of those really popular little bikes seemed to be coming right at me, but I didn’t catch sight of him until I was literally on the wall of the bowl, about to let gravity do its thing, turn towards the bottom, and rush down in. Except that I aborted, which means my wheels were parallel to the horizon on the edge of a very steep incline. My body fell towards the wall, which had been smoothed by years of graffiti. Once my hands hit the wall, my wheels no longer had enough surface area friction to keep me from sliding down in, and since my wrist guards consist of an external plastic bar that runs from my palm to below my wrist, I slid like I was on ice.

Now things would have been fine had I been A) wearing jeans or B) had the entire bowl been painted with graffiti. Unfortunately, right at the transition, when I was moving the fastest, the graffiti disappears, giving way to much rougher concrete, which was responsible for removing my skin. Of course this all happened in about two seconds, it was like: skate in, bail, slide, get up. I skated my way out of the bowl, sans 6 square inches of skin where I could check myself out. It wasn’t that bad, red, like any roadrash, but not that bloody. I tried to wash the dirt out with my water and continued skating for awhile.

Now in the interest of healing and not just letting my skin scab over, I purchased a new tube of neosporin, some non-stick gauze pads, medical tape, and was very good about keeping my wound dressed. I even wore shorts to work for a week (something I haven’t been in the habit of doing in the cooler climes of Northern California), luckily the weather has been unseasonably warm.

So now it’s been like 10 days. The shallower parts of the scrape have healed, the deeper parts are still red, and it all itches like hell. But this is where it gets worse. I’m breaking out in hives. I think. I can’t tell if it’s just my body’s cute way of commiserating with my healing parts, but on my non-injured leg, I’ve got a swath in roughly same area of insanely itchy raised red skin. And not just there. There’s also some hives around my sock line and worst of all, in my belly button. I mean with the legs, I could possibly imagine having brushed by some poison oak on my hike on Sunday, but inside my belly button? It’s gotta be hives.

But then I’m like WTF is a hive? Maybe I’ve just reached some level of Neosporin toxicity. In any event, I itch, it’s driving me crazy, I’ve moved on to hydrocortisone, but I’m thinking it might be time to bring out the big antihistamine guns.

Update: Poison-oak self-exam



Immediately stop using neosporin. See Neosporin. I had a mole removed and was told to use Polysporin and instead used Neosporin and also had a bad reaction to Neosporin (redness and swelling around the site, then itchiness), so I’d recommend seeing a doctor or stop by a clinic. Becareful since I’m allegic to codeine and penicillin, you might be also.

Oh Jesus! It’s 5am and the GD itching woke me up and I’m considering going to the emergency room for relief. And I just freaking reapplied neosporin. WTF!

Who the hell ever OD’ed on NEOSPORIN?

Update: doc says he thinks I have poison oak. I did go hiking on Sunday. Grrr. This is not what I wanted to deal with over my Thanksgiving weekend.

Now the fun really begins. I’ve taken two 25mg diphenhydramine HCIs (aka Benadryl) and I’ve been awake since 5am. Right now it’s 10am, and I’m feeling fine. Expect reports throughout the day.

p.s. I’ve never taken Benadryl before.


dude. give your belly button a break. Stop getting all in there all the time.


p.s. i’m working from home today. give your favorite sicky a call, huh?

It’s 10:40 and I feel woozy. Doing drugs at work is fun. Not. Thinking about getting a Cherry Coke. Wish I had tea.


Poor Justin. :(

I have the vague sensation that I’m floating. One Cherry Coke consumed, 1/2 pound of Irish cheddar devoured.

What the heck was the Benadryl supposed to do again? Cause other than making me groggy, my leg still itches like a mofo.


I am SO sad for you. I hate to itch more than almost anything. Tell me what happens.

Ok, we’ve been unleashed from work. I think there is poison oak on my privates. I’ll check when I get home. Yeah, nice, real nice. But worse thing in the world still is poison oak in the belly button. No fun.

As a devoted user, Benadryl is purported to be an antihistamine. I do think it actually just makes you so sleepy that you nap through the reaction. I never take it during the day.

Poor Justin. This doesn’t sound like any fun.

aw, Justin, sorry to hear about your itchin’. Particularly in your privates. Benadryl, though, is a godsend for the allergic among us.

On a positive note, even if you were to walk arond in public scratching your ballsac repeatedly due to the hives, you’d just look like every other guy out there anyway. So scratch away, and try to enjoy your Thanksgiving :)

*Medical Condition Haiku*

Justin has gross hives
No respite from ichiness
Scratching makes it worse

ROAD RASH SUCKS. Hope your bumps clear up soonest – it could very easily be a Neosporin reaction.

Ok, initially I was just going to comment on the weird shit people feel the need to broadcast on the internet, but now I also have some information for you: men who get poison oak or poison ivy on them almost always transfer it to their genitals. If you realize you’ve made contact with poison oak, you can treat the exposed area with gasoline before you start scratching, and that will get rid of all of the oil. Otherwise, once you touch the spot with your hand, you transfer it to every part of your body you touch. On men, that can be very funny!

Leona, you should find my Poison-oak self-exam post very amusing.


I had the same experience. Tons o’ road rash from a cycling accident. Used neosporin for about a week, then broke out into hives, esp on ankles and waist. Not p.o. – definitely the neosporin!


i have a very itchy belly button it allmost feels as if there is a small worm or something in there wiggeling around and absolutely un reachable to scratch please help me what is this i was in hawaii two weeks ago and sat in the hot tub at the lodge


Whew, I know it’s been a few years, and I hope your wound has healed and your hives are gone…but it is definitly the neosporin…I returned from Venice beach with fresh knee wounds similiar to yours…thought I was doing the right thing by covering up with neosporine and now…just when I am feeling better, I am unable to sleep because of the Effin itchin’ hives everywhere!!! they keep relocating….I have them on my belly and they are uncomfortably creeping….my butt is beginning to itch and the back of my legs are too…this crap should be on the warning lable…it’s worse than the knee wound


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