Halloween came early this year

The fun thing about being growed up is that if certain holidays (like Halloween, my birthday, etc) don’t fall on an optimal day of the week (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) I can have the holiday on any day I want. Instant gratification. I like how being an adult means making my own reality.

So yesterday night we celebrated Halloween at Mark and Monica’s place with copious libations, dance music, horror movies, and a small dog. Here are our lovely hosts looking ghoulish:

Mark and Monica all dressed up

The wonderful thing about that picture (realize I work with Mark at O’Reilly) is how thoroughly disguised he is. This is how Mark looks the other 364 days of the year (or at least when he’s transfixed by savory Dutch pancakes).

I have to give them mad props for transforming their house into a parlor of horror. They did a killer job of decorating, especially the bathroom:

Disturbingly decorated bathroom

I’m curious what it was like for the first one to take a shower this morning.

Here’s my boy Matt. Dude’s always in character. Consummate professional. That was actually take 2, the first shot didn’t have enough “gut.”

Matt giving the bird

But of all the photos, this is my favorite, because you’ve got to guess, which legs are Justin’s?

Fancy legs


Update: See me in costume.


I don’t know how I feel about having the most masculine legs in that photo.


Analysis: From left to right…
Legs 1. Too colorful for his style. Too much cleavage for him. Fingernail and toenail polish too much work. Also tattoo on top of right foot.
Legs 2. Matching/coordinated colors showing his artistic sense. Shades of brown to match his hair. Unshaved leg hair near knee – ewww. Curved little finger. No nail polish. Hmmmm.
Legs 3. Jeans not his style for halloween. Not showing enough legs, that is, no stockings. Especially his preference for fish net stockings.
Legs 4. A definite possibility. Fishnet stocking is his preference. Legs too long though. Wow this is hard.
So my vote is for Legs 2. How did I do?


Thanks for posting. I should have some up soon too, but it’s always hard to compete with your timeliness. A good time was had by all, and most stains made it out of the carpet. Now, am I wearing that tomorrow for work? Oh, and Alex was the first to shower this morning.

Ding ding ding! Right you are. I didn’t have any good pictures of me on my camera, but hopefully my lovely friends who do will pass them along so I can post one here.

Mark, oh right tomorrow. I keep forgetting. I’m not sure I could handle a whole day in those boots.

I found it rather amusing that I had to tell people I was, in fact, there in costume, yes the mustache is real and, no I don’t look like this in my day-to-day life.


the man with the belly showing is hot!!!


Lol.. everyone is sexy. I just came across this and its rather amusing.. you should get this blog out there. show it and get people visiting, =]


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