Google Maps, I salute you!

Every once and a while I feel like I’ve got to give serious props to the algorithms that play an active roll in my daily life.

In this case, I exhibit the Wilfred Avenue exit off of the 101 in Rohnert Park. If you find yourself heading south on the 101 (as I did tonight) and need to go east on Golf Course Drive, then your route will look like this.

Wilfred Avenue exit off of US highway 101


Google Maps tells me to do the weirdest things sometimes, though. Like to get to Durham on 15-501 they first want me to take Greensboro to Estes to Franklin, and then get on the highway. I’ve done that and know it’s not quicker or easier than, you know, just getting on the highway at Smith Level Road.

oh yeah, that’s totally dumb. in fact at some times of the day, it makes the most sense to take franklin street to get from carrboro to 40.

one of the things google maps doesn’t do well is say give you a choice of taking certain types of roads. i really had to fight the perceived authority of their directions in order to get off of the interstate while i drove across the country.

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