Atom goes to Version One Dot Oh

What they are saying:

Tim Bray: It’s cooked and ready to serve.

Jon Udell: What I like most about Atom is its careful delineation of the kinds of content that can be included in a feed, including: plain text, HTML, XHTML, XML, and externally-referenced resources.

Anne van Kesteren: Atom has the following namespace: I know, the capital sucks, but it is a copy and paste thing anyway.

James M Snell: Some are under the false impression that Atom requires that all extensions must be passed through the IETF ratification process. This is absolutely incorrect. Atom 1.0 can be extended in exactly the same manner as RSS 2.0.

RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 compared: The RSS 2.0 specification is copyrighted by Harvard University and is frozen. No significant changes can be made and it is intended that future work be done under a different name; Atom is one example of such work.

Rogers Cadenhead: And I for one welcome our new syndication overlords.

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