american splendor

yesterday i wanted to go riding around on my bike. i haven’t in a while since i drive to work now. i found a trail that runs along the santa rosa creek from downtown to fulton road, which is way out on the west side of town.

santa rosa creek
santa rosa creek

after i got that far, it occurred to me that i could probably ride my bike to sebastopol if i wanted to. i mean tony comes in all the way from windsor (north of santa rosa) on his road bike twice a week, and i’ve practically got a bike trail from doorstep to doorstep. then again i don’t really consider myself awake until after my morning shower. i’m not sure i could be trusted biking at 7am for an hour.

but i like the idea of it being all healthy and good for me.

fish mural painted under railroad street in santa rosa, ca
mural under railroad street

i wonder how long it would take me really. maybe i’ll do a practice ride this weekend. when i don’t have to worry about being at work and taking a shower—which, by the way, there are. i got to say the thought of taking a shower at work is not a scenario i’ve run through before.

so today after work i raced home because i’d just learned that the first practice for the o’reilly co-ed softball team was at 5:30. changed in a flash and then headed back to sebastopol while chatting with jackie and ryan in austin. they’re trying to find jobs and apartments, so they can move down there at the end of the summer. it sounds like they’re having a time.

at practice, my rudimentary ability at fielding the ball felt surprisingly better than my ability to hit. i think the bat was too heavy. or my arms were too weak. dawn was there, this dude matt, and a bunch of other o’reilly people who still exist more as faces than names to me. i’m glad i sent out that “sign me up too” email this morning. post-work activity is so nice.

and what does one make after playing an all american sport involving balls and bats? hot dogs of course. perfectly accompanied by one of the rogue dead guys left over from july 4th. my first netflix movie came in the mail, so i sat down to watch american splendor. finally. i’m not sure about this whole netflix thing, but the 70+ movies in my queue says it’s worth a try.


Gorgeous photos.


ahhh… i (heart) softball
your evening sounds heavenly
Do you have a glove now?


I know that trail well….and I believe that there is hardly anything as glorious as waking up early and exercizing….whatever hangs heavy in the mind is suspended during this time…the solitude and the energy is priceless….try to do this at least once, Justin.

no glove yet, but i do know where the play it again sports is. i’ll probably make a stop out there this weekend.

hmm, suddenly curious who this donutgrrl is.

Sweet! I got blogged about in someone else’s blog! I have to say, I was impressed with your fielding skillz (yes, with a z, that hardcore). I was unable to stick around to view the batting skills. I agree, though, those bats were damn heavy. I’m hitting up the batting cages this weekend. Want in?

you sure you’re up for batting cages? what with your horse pills and all? but yeah, i’m down. sometime saturday afternoon? send me an email.

Dude, Sean makes it out to Duke everyday on his bike….says it’s a GREAT way to wake up in the morning. (Yah, I don’t believe him either.) Just saying, you could do it! And I’m sure the weather there is lovely biking weather right now.


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