the digital-lifestyle tax

in may’s issue of wired they included a short feature that resonated with me when i read it. the monthly cost of living in the digital age. and apparently, i’m not the only one.

even though i admit at times to being proud of the obligations i’ve avoided paying for (e.g. cable tv, landline), a hefty amount of money still flows out of my pockets each month so that i stay “connected.”

cell phone service $60.00 Sprint PCS Fair and Flexible (fluctuates)
cable internet $66.95 Comcast 6.0Mbit
web hosting $9.95 Dreamhost 2400MB disk space, 120GB bandwidth
total $136.90

i’ve been considering netflix ($9.95/month), but first i’d have to get a tv. and a dvd player. and some speakers…

update, this is pretty scary:

Already, televisions account for about 4 percent of annual residential electricity use in the United States – enough to power all of the homes in the state of New York for a year, according to a new NRDC study. Today there are about 266 million TVs, and that number is growing by 3.5 million per year. (As TVs grow, so do electric bills, The Christian Science Monitor)

though they call it fair and flexible, my cell phone bill for the month of may was $98. since a lot was going on in may, i’m willing to stick it out and see what the trend is. the $60 figure above is really just an rough average. i’d rather it be more like $40/month. but that may not be possible given my probable west coast usage patterns.

cingular’s plans are nothing to call home about, but i’d consider them just to get a sweet looking moto razr. it seems like t-mobile has far and away the best plans, with 1000 “whenever minutes” per month for $39.99. i’m just wondering, “what’s the catch?”



Wow…now that you make me think. My monthly bill is probably about the same :( Thanks god I don’t have to pay for International Long distance calls anymore since SKYPE. (or it will be 50 dollars or so extra a month)

I switched from Tmobile to cingular (was AT&T) last year. (so far so good) TMobile has the best phone and plan but gosh…their network in my area is hori-hori-horible!

That moto razr is very handsome!


The catch is the spokesperson is Catherine Zeta-Beta

you’re right, catherine zeta is a catch!

i have to give tmobile this, they’ve got an amazing street-level coverage map.

lest anyone interpret this post as a plea to stopping calling me—please don’t. i enjoying keeping in touch, regardless of cell phone charges.

I’m about to switch us from Verizon to Cingular, since Cingular is the only tower on the mountain, and otherwise we can’t use the phones around our own house.

If you see a sweet deal on the Razr, let me know. It’s def. the phone I want.

jason, have you looked at cell phones on

Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)

List Price: $599.99
Our Price: $149.99 (when purchased with service plan)
You Save: $450.00 (75%)
Special Offers: $150.00

Price After Special Offers: Free!

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