The O’Reilly Factor

A few times a week an email gets sent to webmaster at oreilly dot com from someone intending to get through to Bill O’Reilly. Yeah, that Bill O’Reilly.

It turns out there is actually a bill at oreilly dot com who I’m told enjoys getting the sometimes supportive, other times combative emails intended for the other “Bill.” A quick search online suggests or might be more effective outlets.

Since everyone in OPG sees the webmaster emails, every once and a while I get a chuckle out one of these gems:

As I was channel surfing this evening I caught a glimpse of your “take” on Arnold our governor getting booed at a commencement address. You called the protesters “leftist” “morons”. As someone who is to the right of you in my political views, I take offense at being called a leftist moron. [That’s frightening. -ed.] Although I was not at this protest, I agree with their point of view. The person you were interviewing understood what I mean as she did not agree with your view either. I am a teacher who is facing critical cuts in an already fragile budget and I am not happy with Arnold along with some fifty+ per cent of Californians. He stole 2 billion dollars from our budget which he promised, in writing, to return, and has now changed his mind. He refuses to work with the legislature and the other special interests such as nurses and fire fighters, but does not feel that his millionaire friends are special interest groups. I have been a dedicated Republican for years, but have told the Republican fund raisers that call that no more funding will be forth coming from this household until Arnold is out of office. [Thank god for that. -ed.] He is trying to bulldoze over us with his agenda and be an egomaniac dictator instead of the public servant that he should be. I am highly educated and certainly do not consider myself a moron. [Clearly. I’m curious who you voted for? -ed.]

Perhaps we should publish a book called “Political Hacks”!

This post first appeared on From the Belly of the Beasts, a weblog from some of the people who build O’Reilly websites.

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