texas bbq in santa rosa?

a few days ago i walked around downtown santa rosa, which i have to say is really really nice. imagine my surprise when i stumble upon a texas barbecue joint called stim’s on 4th street. i couldn’t believe it. they were closed at the time, but i promised myself i’d come back later.

well later was tonight, and i treated myself to a 1 meat plate with a side of chili and a green salad.

stims bbq ribs

i realize that i’ve turned taking pictures of bbq into a sort of fetish.

those are bonafide mesquite smoked, meat falling off the bones, pork ribs. the chili was different but good, the bbq sauce was heated and too sweet for my taste, but that was ok because i didn’t need any. apparently this place is just a scaled down version of the full restaurant on summerfield road, which i’m definitely going to have to check out.



I’ve read your blog to your grandfather these past two days and he’s enjoyed hearing of your exploits. However we have felt that not only do you have a BBQ fetish, but your detailed descriptions of all the food you’ve had seems to stand out – you’re a food junkie.

in the right situation, food can be very easy to photograph surreptitiously, and usually it looks pretty interesting too.

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