first cousins, once removed

me with my once removed cousin, emma
me and emma

tonight i visited cousin chris, his wife fran, and their brand new baby, emma. we talked about wikipedia, we ate tasty japanese takeout, we held the baby. but you don’t want to read about it, do you? you just want more pictures of emma.

baby emma sleeping
emma sleeping



That’s funny, I have exactly the same shirt you’re wearing on the picture… and I live in Germany.




Justin, That restraunt is named after a hilarious Japanese comeday from the Eighties. Check it out if you get a chance.

peter thanks, will do. (note to self: think about that new netflix subscription)

for everyone else, he’s referring to the movie tampopo.

Oh, cute.

And I damn sure wish we had an H&M here….

i know. and i felt totally guilty walking over there after lunch to do a little shopping in the city before heading back to the booth i was maning. cities are cool.

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