philly cheesesteaks!

dan and i took a lunch break after setting up the measure booth (quite a process, i might add) and went out again in search of authentic philly cheesesteaks.

this time we hit paydirt, courtesy of the aptly named, munchie’s cafe, with “STEAKS” displayed in promisingly large neon letters.

munchie's cafe in philadelphia

i’m only saddened that we didn’t think to take photos of the massive philly cheesesteaks we ordered. perhaps it was because we were so in awe of the food as it sat before us.

in any event, this guy put your standard thinly-sliced, semi-frozen beef on a flat griddle, asked us if we wanted onions, yes, so he put a handful on top. once the meat started to turn brown he used two metal spatulas to chop the hell out of everything. after it had cooked through, he put several slices of white cheese (provolone?) on the meat, and put the sub rolls on top of that to warm. once the cheese had melted, he flipped everything over and we were good to go.

dan managed to get his with lettuce and tomatoes, i think because he asked to have it “with everything.” there was no sign of cheez whiz—though we didn’t ask. and no peppers either, perhaps they only come on a “pepper steak”? suffice it to say, we’ve got a week to explore the ins and outs of philly’s cheesesteak culture, and we intend to do so.



i think it’s excellent that you’re taking this whole steak mission so seriously….well done, comrade.


Couldn’t you just go to the places wikipedia mentions?

Check out the Reading Terminal Market, if you haven’t already. It’s pretty cool (although the cheesesteaks there are NOT). The cookies at the Metropolitan Bakery within the market are incredible, and you can buy cheese from Amish people.

oh god, not the cheese whiz. how can that stuff be edible?

katie, yeah, well we’re working on it. didn’t even think we’d need to research locations (let alone in wikipedia) figured there’d be steak places on every corner.

but we’ll try to have a light lunch today so we can head out to geno’s and/or pat’s (about 1mi away) tonight and report back. with photos!

robin, thanks for the suggestions. amish cheese rules!

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