last day in san diego

8 minutes left on this internet terminal. let’s see if i can be efficient.

this morning patrick and i walked to the san diego zoo, got to see tigers and giraffes and some other animals i took pictures of. after a few hours of that, we took a cab to the closest in-and-out burger to get my fix–it was patrick’s first time. mmm!

we took the trolley back downtown to the hostel where we’re contemplating heading out to a beach. looks like i’ll have missed the chance to get to mexico, but that’s all right. i’d probably rather do some kayaking around baja california some time in the future than be touristy in tijuana.

tomorrow morning i fly back to north carolina, arriving at rdu in the early evening. this has truly been the type of vacation that i feel like i need a vacation to recover from. or just some sustained sleeping in.

one minute left. time to publish.


Truly, In and Out has it all over McDonald’s. I wish they would export themselves out to the East Coast.

Did you go to La Jolla or PB?
San Diego is the best city in the world.

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