what it means to dis blogging

Dissing blogging is like dissing communication. Making fun of blogs is like laughing at the masses and denying them their first amendment rights. Blogs are inherently an expression of free speech. They represent the use of technology to proliferate information, opinions, and ideas. A printing press in every home! To laugh at that expression from a position of authority and power is the epitome of the WORST kind of elitism.

How could an American Library Association President Elect Michael Gorman (even satirically) stoop to trample on that?

I think there should be a pot on whether he gets ousted.


shit, i left all the capital letters in! what are people going to think?


Incidentally, this is exactly what is wrong with the democratic party. This is why they don’t win votes. That kind of exlcusive, we know better, schoolmarmish, sneer at everything popular. I bet Al Gore never uses smileys.


you know, I never noticed the lack of capitals until just now.

I have it on good authority that Al Gore invented emoticons. ;-D

Owing to my disdain for violence, i’ll note that this guy Michael Gorman needs to be gently tapped with the clue stick. Do you think that his hesitation comes from privileging printed resources which are more easily catalogued, processed, and organized than digital resources which are more unruly by virtue of their ubiquity and non-hierarchical structure (that is, they’re not “validated” by publishing houses, reviews, etc.)?

Whatever that means. Maybe he’s just a dinosaur.

i haven’t a clue what his deal is other than lack of exposure to the medium and being poorly informed.

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