proud father of a new baby

name X23 T42
processor Pentium III-M 866MHz
512KB L2 Cache, 133MHz FSB
Pentium M 745 1.8GHz
2MB L2 Cache, 400MHz FSB
memory 256MB 1024MB
hard drive 30GB 60GB
screen 1024×768 (12″) 1400×1050 (14″)
video integrated 64MB ATI Radeon 9600
networking 10/100 ethernet/802.11b 1Gb ethernet/802.11b/g/Bluetooth
perks CompactFlash slot CDRW/DVD, Fingerprint reader
weight 3.6lbs 4.6lbs
born February 2002 January 2005

the stork arrived with a slightly heavier baby, against some of my earlier pronouncements. after some serious thinking over the holidays, it occured to me that the need for extreme mobility (less than 3lbs) has diminished now that i’m out of school. and what i really wanted was a system that i could use to do more visual/design work, with photos, with a new graphics tablet. but i didn’t want to be glued to a desk.



fingerprint reader!? cooool.

i know, it’s weird. i don’t have to log in with a password, i just swipe my finger.


So what did you do with the X23?

nothing yet. matthew has first dibs.


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