disorienting blog experience

so i go back to boingboing which i’d opened in a tab (in firefox) earlier, reload the page, and start reading, like ya do. there’s this interesting post about the world’s largest book, which i send to the SILS students listserv. i notice that the post was linking to something jason kottke posted from last october, which struck me as weird (because it was so old), but maybe just something that fell through the cracks.

so i’m reading and reading, and i start seeing a few posts that i remember. the working ipod costume and pulling a lessig.

and i’m thinking to myself, “geez, cory, xeni, etc. are really falling down on the job.” it’s easy to believe that they have a mental catalog of everything they’ve posted to boingboing in 5 years, but i’m sure they’ll post something old once and a while. guess today’s that day.

so i end up reading through like three days of posts (seeing a few more dups) before i realize, “crap, i’ve been reading the archive (that i’d opened earlier today) this whole time!”

which suggested to me at least, from a usability perspective, boingboing might want to do something to visually differentiate their archives from their front page.

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