on fixing a sagging bed

my mattress sits on 14 wood slats that are attached to a central “spine.” except the spine has been separating from its “ribs” because some cheap stapled-in screw threads were pulling out of the wood.

so i went to lowe’s to buy some hardware. figured i’d need some bolts, washers, and nuts. or maybe wingnuts. i was a tad unprepared my first trip–i returned with bolts that were too short. but they were the perfect diameter (1/4″) for the old holes.

on my second trip to lowe’s i paid more attention to the variety of bolts they had available. since the head of the bolt would be up against the underside of the mattress, i wanted something rounded. and i found just the thing: a carriage bolt, which also had a wider head (so i didn’t need a second washer) and a square neck (so i didn’t need a wrench in order to tighten it).
side view and top view of a carriage bolt
i removed all the crappy hardware that came with the bed and made sure every rib slat was conneced to the spine–which required some hole drilling and a third trip to lowe’s. but at least now my platform bed seems as solid as a rock.

it felt so satisfying fixing something, without any kind of directions or outside instruction. not only fixing it but making it better. and the whole time i was working on it i felt like such a kid, wondering what my dad would think.



I think you’re wonderful, a problem-solver, and you must feel great when you’ve not only solved the problem, but you’ve solved it completely and unambiguously. TADA!


Just read the pamphlet you wrote in our blog comments. I’ll let Ryan decipher them. And by the way, Cremaster happened before you came. It was scary..


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