i ate three types of meat on a stick!

  1. gator (sausage) on a stick
  2. (marinated beef) shish kabob
  3. (country-fried) pork chop on a stick!

it’s nc state fair time again, and i wish i had brought my camera. i’ve gone at least twice before this year. it’s really a monumentally amazing event. the quantity and selection of fair food is unparalleled. the rides are remarkably exhilarating. the size of the fair and diversity of attendence boggles the mind.

what i really enjoyed tonight was a petting zoo. actually there were several, but one in particular consisted of a large open area full of people and what must have been 20 goats and a dozen sheep, a camel, even several llamas! it was wonderful just walking around amongst the animals and children and feeling like part of the herd.

goats are smaller than you’d imagine, but very girthy. the camel was enormous. and it would just eat right out of people’s hands. the llamas were curious and the sheep wore wool! ok, so i’ve never really had a pet or much contact with animals. but it was really something to see people mingling with goats like that. to see fearless children hugging and petting animals about their size.


Perhaps you should get out amongst the peoples more often.


I believe I was referring to watching the peoples mingle with goats. The peoples usually have animals around, not goats usually but animals nonetheless.


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