blog as backup memory

i was thinking today that i wish i could remember how long i’ve been hitting the trails off of estes.

then just now i happened to be adding titles to some of my old posts and stumbled upon a dated description of my second mountain biking venture.

the serendipity is worth noting. had i not been doing substantial blog maintenance, i would never have thought that my blog contained that information (or went back that far).

i’ve wagered that google does the same thing to the body of all (or most) information. before google, most people would have never thought to look up something trivial or esoteric. the cost would have exceeded the benefit. now a whole culture exists around seeking out that esoterica.

what my blog is missing is a search box. it acts as backup memory, yes, but it’s like a black box without a retrieval interface. then again, google owns blogger. i doubt i’ll have to wait long.

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I liked your post of using a blog as a backup memory. I am thinking of doing this myself but I am not sure how reliable Blogger is. Will it be here 50 years from now? Because it is run by Google I am thinking if they ever shut it down they will let you get all your information off of it first.

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