doing my part to break the web

i’ve just republished my entire blog with blogger’s new “page per post” feature turned on. click “permalink” in the lower-right to see what i mean.

this is good because now you can link to a single post! but is bad because it changes all my old permalinks–breaking my own links to my posts and anyone else’s links to my posts. number of posts with old links to other posts: ~15.

luckily all the old links have the word “archive.html” in them. of course so do links to other people’s blogger archives.

fixed. (30 minutes later)

crap. since “page per post” files the individual post pages under directories for the year and the month, all the relative URLs to my images are broken. err. (this is why perl exists.) 42 posts to fix.

this wouldn’t be an issue if all my post pages sat in my root blog directory (wiki-style). apparently the inability to configure the location of post pages is a “known issue”.

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all images on the new archived post pages should be no longer be broken…


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