christmas eve from austin

katie! wait till my eyes are open

Silly Justin under the Christmas tree

holy cow, where did all these presents come from?

Silly Justin under the Christmas tree

there’s a big ham under the tree this christmas

Silly Justin under the Christmas tree


el jefe

damn you and your semi-tropic winters! BTW that last picture was quite unnerving and should perhaps be rescinded in the name of the public good…


i’m scared. someone hold me.

i forgot to mention, it’s kind of warm in texas… gonna be 66 tomorrow and in the 70s this weekend. hence the shorts.

Someone forgot to tell you that you are not a 1950’s pinup model. Or are you….

i didn’t even really look at the photos, as i’m sitting in my niece and nephew’s computer/game room and they’re sitting behind me. quite easy to see that they quickly needed to be scanned over. yikes! nice poses.

geez, i’m not naked or anything. guess i should post something new…


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