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i’ve given myself two days of vacation on thursday and friday. how nice.

tonight everyone came over under the auspices of playing risk (there being several gamers among us). we ended up playing settlers of catan and fluxx.

tomorrow we restart the thursday night happy hour tradition at the library. afterwords hopefully cooking and eating a brown sugar cake at melanie’s.

i have a new coffee table coming (maybe even by the end of the week?) that should do some to brighten up my apartment. still working on chairs for my dining table.

truck table

trying to tackle a fairly large website/webdatabase/information architecture project at work. and i’m starting from here. it’s fun to have something new to wrap my head around.

i have no plans to buy a car.

school starts AGAIN next week. this is the 19th and FINAL year i should be doing this. which is fairly remarkable i think. my new slogan: manumission in may!

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nope, sorry. i still don’t get it.


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