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as i am writing this, it is 4:59am on my bedside alarm clock. and it is especially alarming that though i joke around midnight about having 5 or 6 good hours left, 4 and a half hours later i am brushing my teeth and marveling at not having felt one minute of those many hours. i am in bed now. about to go to bed. (do you like cheese?)

i am trying to find a new place to live. doing so in a college town in late april is perhaps one of the most arduous things a person can do.

last night i stayed up explicating my database naming conventions, so now you (whoever “you” is) might know the basis for why i say what i say.

tonight i tried to explain to my dad (over email) what is essentially a continuation of the long-running negative expenses quandary. there is nothing like adding the challenge of explaining a problem to someone else that helps you understand the problem better.

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