i remember once my mom bought a wreath to hang on the living room wall, and this required the whole room be repainted and rearranged to coordinate.

well, the other day i wrote up a little document outlining the naming conventions i’ve accumulated after working with databases for several years (which i’m hoping to follow with some writeups on database design and basic database concepts).

as a total aside: such a topic might seem either anal or inconsequential, but as it happens, successive layers of a database application get built on top of those initial name and design decisions, so changing the name of something after the fact can have painfully vast repercussions. hence, the importance of naming conventions.

anyway, i wrote this document, and so decided to rejigger my homepage so it had a place to live. and in doing so, i’ve given better light to some pre-existing things in my webspace like my sils classwork, my web notes, etc.

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