i’ve got to sketch out the saturday i just had

rolled out of bed at 10am after melanie’s party the night before that raged until after 3.

played and lost two games of kickball with my fellow SILSters.

sat out in the sun at weaver street market for several hours with marianne, jason, and jean helping with some php issues. drank a corona. ate some cheddar cheese and a ciabatta.

had a late dinner at the armadillo grill with sommer before going to see crooked fingers at cats cradle. which rocked!

left the concert before spoon came on and went to rebecca’s party in durham (invited courtesy of jesse) where most of the cool sils kids were well on their way to getting wasted. abe wanted bhangra, valerie wanted to ring my neck, jesse wanted to know where i get my clothes, and everybody else was wondering where that cheese on the coffee table came from. goodtimes.

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