home hunting

there’s a cute little condo complex on McCauley street with a unit for sale: costs $299,000. Hmmm. That number is so big, compared to my $800 car, I can’t even comprehend that much money. Or ever buying anything for that much money.

ok, this takes the cake: apparently there is a one bedroom apartment above a bike shop (i assume the clean machine?) on main street in carrboro. only $585! how cool would that be? oh darn, it seems it’s not available until january of next year. ugh!

how about this: 2BR Graham Court Condo with 905 Sq. Ft. going for $184,000. not to far from where i live now, which is a wonderful location.

i wonder how many square feet my current apartment has? phew… after a lot of running around with a tape measure, I’ve determined my square footage to be approximately 395. and honestly, that almost feels like too much.

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