car diary: a laundromat story

so far…

i’ve been to the mall, bought a few tshirts, ate at the food court with jackie.

i’ve driven to katie’s house in glen lennox to watch movies and eat pizza with her and melanie.

i’ve driven to marianne’s house in carrboro to watch 3/4 of monsoon wedding with her and some of her housemates. unbeknownst to me, one of the eight housemates was flying back to germany the following day and decided to sell the tv (it was originally acquired for free). so part way through the movie, the tv got turned off and the people who bought it carted it away. and we sat on the couch looking at the spot where the tv used to be. (and talked and laughed of course)

i’ve driven to katie’s house with jackie to eat brunch. bought eggs and bacon just in case, turned out to be a wonderful complement to her british style pancakes (think crepes meets tortilla). we watched the last chunk of father of the bride, ate, and drank mimosas.

i’ve driven to the laundromat on airport road, to do my laundry, four loads in parallel! of course it costs $2 a load, but i started around 3:30pm and should be done by 5pm.

the laundromat is uncomfortable at first. i have to read all the instructions on every machine and figure out how many quarters it takes and where to put the detergent and where to put the fabric softener. people are all around me doing their thing. folding. loading. hanging. piling. reading. and i wish i had my own washer and dryer all alone in my house, without that feeling that everyone is looking at me.

and then i realize this is just like being out at the coffee shop. people are nice. everyone is in the same situation. the potential for meeting people is a lot greater than it would be stuck in a house all alone for hours. so i am out. and that feels good.

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