just anti insomnia

the update: i am back from cambodia, readjusting to regular life. except it is anything but regular. my laptop died upon arrival (thankgod for pretrip hard drive backup) thus bringing my euphoric state of ubiquitous computing to a screeching halt. actually it wasn’t so bad when it happened, but now i’ve been waiting for FOUR DAYS for an EMPTY box to arrive from ibm so i can send it away for diagnosis and treatment.

the unexpected consequence being that no computer at home means no reason to stay up late into the night doing whatever strikes my fancy. instead, i just start getting sleepy round about 9pm and go to bed shortly thereafter. now there must be something massively therapeutic about sleeping when you’re actually sleepy cause it seems that my body clock has no problem waking me up just 6 hours later. so i wake up at freaking 4AM!!! what is wrong with this picture!!!

anyway, i’m at work (early!) doing some of the stuff i’d probably do at home (as well as some work). good morning.

Update: look who came home…

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