inventory of bother

right now i am working like a demon on the database that i’ll be taking to cambodia.

i could live where i am currently living *forever* if it wasn’t for the fact that i can hear EVERY IMPACT OF OBJECT UPON FLOOR from the ‘apt’ above.

i hate that i know that most people don’t care in the least when asked what i ‘do’ and i say the word ‘computer’. one day, one person will be like, “tell me more”.

i have made a pseudo-conscious decision to be uncool. i do NOT have a car. yes i can drive, i love to drive. but i don’t have a car. mostly cause cars are expensive and i don’t *need* a car. but maybe 20% because i relish the fact that i am not like most people.

i also do not have a tv. (suddenly justin’s statistical uniqueness enters tenths of a percentage point)

i should also say that the money i earn beyond my exorbitant rent and liberal food/entertainment expenditures goes into my savings account. so i’m saving money and i’m not exactly sure what for. a car? a house? a financial investment?

since i am now an in-state student and receiving tuition remission, i no longer receive this $650 grad school grant. so i have to pay for all my various student fees out of pocket. errr… but i should get a rather sizable income tax refund from the government.

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