power went out dec5 2:37am

happy birthday justin

weather is really nasty outside

i wonder how long i’ll be without power

suddenly happy for my gas heat, otherwise i might be freezing

no more internet

suddenly happy for web and database server installed on my laptop

i can hear trees and branches coming down (very loudly) with heavy thuds

my laptop says i have 2hrs and 45 minutes of juice left

suddenly happy i don’t have a car parked outside under the trees. then again i’m in a house near/under trees. if the trees fall on my house, i hope i survive


wow. i’m scared to be in my house near all these trees

2:21 remaining on my laptop

sirens outside – not a good night to be out


big freaking heavy branch just fell on roof above me. luckily there is a second floor between me and the roof. scared the crap out of me. almost glad i wasn’t asleep yet to be woken by that. i hope it warms up, otherwise it’s gonna be a really nasty bunch of days coming up (what with *finals* and all)

1:32 remaining on my laptop


starting to think my web database UI is much better than anything i could do in Access, and that’s with all the limitations of HTML. there’s just something incredible powerful about using code to generate the form rather than to respond to events in the form. in fact with all the flexibility i have in laying out the form, i haven’t yet encountered a situation where i need an event driven piece of code to be triggered.

57min of juice left on the ol’ laptop. better leave some for tomorrow. no clue when i’ll have power again.

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