yesterday a friend invited me over to make some dinner, wanted to use up some couscous, three cobs of corn and some romaine lettuce, so i suggested we get some shrimp, and do a little broiled shish-ka-scampi (which we did) along with a little fresh corn cut off the cob, and a salad avec basalmic vinaigrette (homemade of course).

everything was lovely, but it was the couscous that really left an impression on me. here is this very light, almost sweet grain, a perfect substitute for rice, exceptional with sauces, that cooks in only 5 minutes! how have i not been fully conscious of this before. definitely kicks the socks of the risotto i made the other day.

so today, still on my fish kick, i made flounder meuniere (i have no idea how to pronounce that) basically flounder (sole traditionally) dredged in flour and fried in a pan with oil, topped with parsely and beurre noisette (browned butter with lemon and capers). and yes, i served it with couscous, asparagus, yellow squash, red onion: oh magnifique!



Minor comment… you have two links to couscous in your list of recipes. You might want to delete one.

strange. fixed it. thanks.


Another mouth water recipe… sounds so tasty!


couscous is also superior for camping. just need boiling water. and it packs into any shape.


Just passing thru because I was looking for melt-in-your-mouth cookie recipes. I wanted to see if there were others out there lol. My Gram used to make these as well for the holidays and us kids ate the heck out of them!- the only varience is that she would use almonds or walnuts. Anyway, I digress. Meuniere is pronounced like men-your (prob americanized french lol) and it means miller’s wife. I actually had a test on making trout meuniere in my saucier class in culinary school. lol I did good :)
-nice site by the way

Mina, Merriam Webster’s online dictionary is great for pronunciations. They pronounce meuniere as mun-yair. I had no memory of it meaning “miller’s wife” though. Weird.

Thanks for stopping by.


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