Barbecue party on the container ship

We are currently at 23°18’3.45″N 74°36’56.55″W, somewhere east of the Bahamas, en route to Cartagena, Colombia. We gained an hour tonight.

Something to add to Stephanie’s container ship FAQ: Can you fish off a container ship? My immediate response was: no way. A container ship just seems too big and too industrial—and how could anyone fish while the ship was moving?

Well for one, the ship is not always moving. Sometimes when we’re ahead of schedule they just let it “drift” for a few hours. And it turns out that it doesn’t matter how big your boat is, if you’ve got a long enough fishing line, you can fish off of anything.

The captain declared that tonight there’d be a barbecue party (they usually have them once a voyage) and the whole crew came together on the main deck, grilling shrimp, squid, pork bellies, kabobs, chicken, hot dogs, as well as three fish they caught right off the side of the ship. Of course there was drinking, music, dancing, drinking, dancing…

Fishing off of a container ship
Chief Cook Danilo fishing off the side of the ship

Fish caught freshly off of a container ship
Freshly caught fish

Container ship barbecue
Container ship barbecue

Barbecue party group shot
Group shot (pre-debauchery)