What would you free with $100 million dollars?

I love the way Jimmy Wales thinks:

Imagine there existed a budget of $100 million to purchase copyrights to be made available under a free license. What would you like to see purchased and released under a free license?

(via Boing Boing)

What would I free, off the top of my head? The patented formulas for every current HIV/AIDS medication.

My fear? That the money the pharmaceutical industry hopes to make off these drugs far exceeds $100 million. You’d think that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would take the lead in this direction, except that freeing the source would seem to be in direct conflict with the origin of the foundation’s astounding $31 billion endowment.

Update: Speaking of HIV/AIDS, this has got to be the hottest image ever associated with the fight against AIDS. And I don’t mean hot sexy, I mean hot scintillating. What a stunning photograph (of a stunning beauty).

Christy Turlington in Product Red Gap Ad

These Product Red Gap ads have been plastered on billboards throughout the city, and every time I see Christy Turlington in a meditative yoga position, I practically freeze in my tracks.

Ah-ha, here’s one reason these images are so compelling:

To celebrate the introduction of the Gap (PRODUCT) RED Collection, Gap is launching a powerful new advertising campaign featuring an incredible cast of celebrities photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

iPod Made By Chinese Children To Benefit African ChildrenThe only thing that bothers me is how much this campaign is tied up in marketing and consumerism. It’s as if the subtext reads, the only way to make the West care is by influencing what we buy and who we buy it from.

No doubt the companies involved (GAP, Apple, American Express, Converse, Motorola, etc.) are looking for a boost in their non-(RED) products and brand image. Did Annie Leibovitz and the celebrities in the GAP ads volunteer their time? If so, shouldn’t that be as much a part of the message as buying more crap? If not, how much is being spent on the message versus the cause?

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