yesterday a friend invited me over to make some dinner, wanted to use up some couscous, three cobs of corn and some romaine lettuce, so i suggested we get some shrimp, and do a little broiled shish-ka-scampi (which we did) along with a little fresh corn cut off the cob, and a salad avec basalmic vinaigrette (homemade of course).

everything was lovely, but it was the couscous that really left an impression on me. here is this very light, almost sweet grain, a perfect substitute for rice, exceptional with sauces, that cooks in only 5 minutes! how have i not been fully conscious of this before. definitely kicks the socks of the risotto i made the other day.

so today, still on my fish kick, i made flounder meuniere (i have no idea how to pronounce that) basically flounder (sole traditionally) dredged in flour and fried in a pan with oil, topped with parsely and beurre noisette (browned butter with lemon and capers). and yes, i served it with couscous, asparagus, yellow squash, red onion: oh magnifique!

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