I’m famous! (on Chile’s new national identity cards)

Someone just let me know that samples of Chile’s new national identity cards, known locally as cédula de identidad (or documento nacional de identidad, DNI), feature a QR Code linking to justinsomnia.org. This is not the first time that Chile has taken a liking to my QR Code. ¡Hola chilenos curiosos!

Nueva cédula de identidad de Chile
Infographic for Chile’s new national identity cards (Source: Emol.com)

You can see some unannotated samples on Diario Financiero Online. You can also see samples on Chile’s own Registro Civil website, buried in one of their many FAQs about the new cards (which incredibly all load within an iframe, so there are no true permalinks). Here’s a screenshot of the page for posterity:

Screenshot of http://www.registrocivil.cl/ showing a sample of their new national identity cards containing a QR Code that links to justinsomnia.org
Screenshot of registrocivil.cl

I found an article on Terra.cl which described the inclusion of the QR Code on the new identity cards:

Otra novedad es la incorporación del código QR, que reemplazó al código de barra bidimensional del reverso de la actual cédula de identidad. “Esto permite enlazar directamente con el sitio web del registro civil para verificar si la cédula está vigente, no está bloqueada, o si fue emitida válidamente”.

Which Google translates as:

Another innovation is the introduction of the QR code, replacing the two-dimensional barcode on the back of the current identity card. “This allows you to link directly to the civil registry website to check whether the certificate is valid, not locked, or if it was validly issued”.

Just for good measure, my QR Code is also prominently featured in this CNN Chile video around the 0:40 second mark, with a closeup at 0:50, and then again at 1:18. They love my QR Code!

Screenshot from a CNN Chile video on Chile's new national identity cards, featuring my QR Code
Screenshot from a CNN Chile video featuring my QR Code

If you find yourself puzzling over “why that QR Code goes to justinsomnia.org?“, you wouldn’t be alone.


it’s kinda funny that no one make a little research about what a qr code is or scan the code that they googled before using it on an official government document.


Hola, blogero famoso!! Haha, greetings from one chilena curiosa. Enjoy your fame!! :)


Soy otro chileno curioso
saludos justin, y disfruta de tu fama :D

good blog

ha..ha… your QR Code is getting famos and HISTORY !! ;-))

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