Painting a room

A few weekends ago we painted our guest bedroom. The funny thing is—and isn’t this always the case?—we didn’t really set out to paint the room. That reality set in when we discovered that the paint with which we’d hoped to cover up some holes didn’t quite match the existing paint on the walls.

While I was fretting about how much work it would take to paint the room (I’d never painted a whole room before), Stephanie was primarily concerned with whether we’d both be able to agree on a color (on short notice). Once I’d adjusted to the fact that our hole patching project was now a room painting project, I promised that I would not be anal about picking a color. Several moments later we were both on her scooter heading to the hardware store.

After initially entertaining the idea of yellow, we eventually settled on red (Windsor Burgundy to be precise). We spent the rest of that Saturday taping off the molding and applying a single coat of primer, and then we spent all day Sunday rolling on two (and a half) coats of paint (it probably could have used a third, but we were exhausted). Later that week we touched up the trim, hung a curtain rod, and slowly started moving furniture into the room, just in time for my parents’ visit over Labor Day weekend.

Justin painting the primer trim
Justin doing the primer trim

Stephanie rolling on primer
And Stephanie rolling it on
Stephanie rolling on red paint
Goodbye green, hello red (I mean, Windsor Burgundy)
The Red Room
“Pas mal”, as they say in French



Love the color! Painting is tough work. Looks great!

Thanks—though now that I’ve gotten over the initial hurdle of painting my first room, it kind of makes me want to paint other stuff, just to freshen things up!


This color gives more personality to the room. I love it ! Good job !

Chris, we can’t wait for you to see it in person!




I love it.

Thanks guys. The deep burgundy red really makes the room feel warm and cozy. Now we’ve just got to get some art on the walls.


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