There are 4 types of people on 5th St…

…and now that Kiva has relocated to 5th and Howard, I am one of them:

Wendy MacNaughton's 5th street, San Francisco programmers
“Programmers”, a sketch from Meanwhile, 6th and Mission by Wendy MacNaughton

Tonight Kiva was welcomed to the 5th Street neighborhood by The Hub, a sort of coworking space on steroids. After work we walked over to be welcomed (and wined), and I discovered none other than Wendy MacNaughton’s sketches from Meanwhile, 6th and Mission on display in the gallery space. Unlike the linear display of her sketches on The Rumpus, here she had arranged them in two dimensions, to form a sort of visual map.

wendy macnaughton 5th street
5th Street Map by Wendy MacNaughton at The Hub



I can tell that the artistic flame still glows and is fed in your inner self by this. I’m glad you still relish the sheer beauty and creativity of this work. I hope there might be a time when you express yourself in art.


Wow, that whole series was great.

The amazing thing is how accurately she captures the character of these two specific intersections in San Francisco.

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