How demotivating is a QR Code?

I noticed some traffic coming from the Russian Facebook-clone Vkontakte (aka VK), and it turns out that this was the source:

Demotivators-like poster showing QR Code

Google translates the Cyrillic, “СКОРО на туалетной бумаге”, as: COMING SOON on toilet paper. Ohhhk.

Wait. Why does that QR Code go to



this qr code will become an endless storry ;-))

Dan, thanks, that’s awesome. I love the quote:

“For many funerals, there are few young people,” Quiring said. “This technology brings them back into the fold. This marriage of technology with history seems a way to make preserving memories more important to people.”

Kind of a bummer that he didn’t want to carve it into the headstone. That would have been cool.

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