I’m a few months behind on pop culture, besides what filtered through on our travels. Just heard Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for the first time today. Wow.

Also, am I wrong for finding LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem (song and video) totally catchy?


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You should check our her whole latest record, and also her Bob Dylan cover from her first record, Make You Feel My Love. She has been everywhere from the piped in radio mix at my job to the music selection on my transcontinental flight entertainment. Interesting to imagine a life in which Adele doesn’t show up every other hour.

Ha funny, I saw the name in random contexts online, kind of assumed she was African American. Perhaps I was confusing her with Estelle?

Reading her Wikipedia page to catch up, I admit it took me a while to parse the following sentence:

“She also received…a Music of Black Origin nomination in the category of Best UK Female”


Well, her music kind of assumes that she’s african american. this record, anyway. in the great tradition of joss stone, rick astley, …..it’s very weird to see her after hearing her.