Tekapo and Pukaki

On Sunday we drove from Fairlie to Wanaka, with stops along the way to admire Lake Tekapo and the strikingly turquoise Lake Pukaki. By the time we reached Wanaka, we decided to park ourselves at Aspiring Campervan Park for the night.

lake tekapo panorama

Panorama of Lake Tekapo with “supernatural” clouds overhead

lake pukaki panorama

Panorama of Lake Pukaki, with Aoraki/Mount Cook on the right

lake pukaki turquoise water
A closer look at Pukaki’s turquoise water

lake pukaki panorama with road

Another panorama of Lake Pukaki

lake pukaki with spaceship voyager campervan
The scene made our homely Spaceship look like a million bucks



OMG ;-))… this colours !! wow !

okay, now you’re really making me feel home sick. damn it.

Sauj, oops! ;)

The water is just gorgeous, again, love the panoramas :D Keep ’em coming!


pukaki is beautiful as a lake and a picture

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